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  • Applying lean-agile principles, processes, and practices to deliver quality software and services predictably and sooner.


    You have technical skills, but
    do you have the odds in your favor?

    How do you measure your ability to deliver predictably? Do you quantify how much your improvement efforts are helping?

    Where are you with understanding
    and using Flow-based (kanban
    & pull scheduling) Metrics

    If interested in learning about custom tutorials or embedded coaching on appying lean-agile principles, kanban/pull procesess, flow-based metrics, and probility-based risk management in your context please contact Frank Vega.

  • Engagements & Events

    PraxisFlow - Newark metro-area, NJ; Jun 2016 - Dec 2016; Apr 2017 - present. Assisting PraxisFlow with facilitating lean-agile embedded coaching efforts being provided to their Fortune 500 client with 125K+ employees and $70+ billion in revenue.

    Global, National, and Local Events:
    Intro to Probabilistic Thinking - Denver, CO; Apr 11, 2017. A private 1/2-day tutorial introducing how to use a probabilistic forecasting approach to answer questions like "When will that work item be completed?" or "When will that set of features be done?" If your current "estimation" practices are not working well, or you're interested in learning how an alternative approach could help you be more effective at answering these questions, please contact me.

    Agile Denver Kanban SIG - Denver metro, CO; Apr 13, 2017. I co-lead this special interest group w/ Wade Scherer. Click link above for more info about the SIG.

    Lean Kanban North America Conference 2017 - Washington, D.C.; May 8 - 10, 2017. I've attended this conference since the first one in Miami, 2009, and excited to be attending again. This year looking forward to meeting Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi and hearing his thoughts on "flow." I hope to see you there!

    Kanban Leadership Retreat - North America 2017 - Washington, D.C.; May 10 - 12, 2017. I've attended every Kanban Leadership Retreat in North America and excited to be attending again in 2017. I hope to see you there!

    Mile High Agile 2017 - Denver, CO; May 22 - 23, 2017. As a former Agile Denver board member, and long time volunteer, I'm again happy to be helping organize and promote this conference. It will be our 7th (all earlier ones sold-out), and I'm presenting as well this year. If you're interested in attending, please use this link for a $50 discount. I hope to see you there!

    Past Events:
    Click here for past presentations and major events attended. If interested in similar presentations at your company, user group, or conference, please contact Frank Vega.

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