For several years I’ve visited other’s blogsites and read their posts on various topics. There are several I visit often because of the beneficial material and learning I’ve found there. A few are related to my personal interests, such as physical fitness, turkey hunting, fresh-water fishing, and drumming, but most I visit are related to software development. In particular, ones related to applying lean-agile principles, the kanban software development method, and XP practices but also those related to using domain-driven design, pattern-oriented software architectures, and object-oriented design.

After seeing how others were using blogsites to capture and share their learning, thoughts, questions, and reflections on these topics, in the last couple of years, I too began giving serious consideration to creating my own. My “seriousness” began by creating a folder on my computer hard disk to collect ideas, mostly from threads of responses and replies from emails, discussion groups, and other blogsites, that I had found interesting and felt would be great “blog seed” material for me in the near future. I had established a domain name years ago as part of being self-employed in the past and had maintained it. Last year, when renewing this registration, my “seriousness” for creating my own blogsite went to the next level with a “five year” discounted hosting package.

But it has only been in the last couple of weeks, I took the next “real” steps and built my initial blogsite pages and now with this first “practice” post I am “Oh, so close to my first official post.” What “pulled” me over the top? (continue reading…)