Coaching and Tutorial Services


What is it I do? I introduce software development and IT/IS teams to lean-agile principles and practices that help them develop and deliver software products and IT/IS services sooner, more often, more predictably, with fewer bugs, and that are less costly to maintain and easier to change in the future!

What’s in it for you? In short, “hands-on real-world experience!” The coaching and tutorials I offer are based on personal experience using lean-agile principles and practices since 2004 and the kanban method since 2007, as an active member of teams delivering production software and meeting business delivery targets (see About for additional background).

They reflect ongoing collaboration with leading coaches in the lean-agile and kanban community via conferences, leadership retreats, and participating in local and global user groups (see Past Events, Groups, and Other Links under Resources).


What else? As the evidence of benefits from applying lean-agile principles in other industries continues to grow, more companies are realizing there are benefits for them as well from learning about these principles and learning about them faster.

My “hands-on” experience as a software development director, software architect, technical team-lead, and developer allows me to contribute to accelerating this learning effort, and not just by “classroom style” knowledge sharing, but also through “hands-on learning” while contributing directly on your development shop floor.

From assisting with establishing lean portfolio management, lean product development, and lean-agile project planning through feature and story development, object-oriented design, pattern-oriented software architectures, domain-driven design, refactoring, unit testing, test-driven development, automated acceptance test-driven development, continuous integration, pairing, and side-by-side programming.